Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome to the Book Nook!

If you found the name of this blog to be appealing and decided to check it out, I'm guessing you like books. Quite a bit. Maybe you like putting real life on hold for a little bit and curling up with a good book to live in a literary world for a while instead. Maybe you like pulling out your Kindle/Nook/etc. in the middle of a busy day and enjoying your momentary respite. Maybe you like fonts and appreciate when the typography matches the story just right. Maybe you like the way the plastic dust jacket on a library book makes that crinkly noise when you open it. Maybe you like good storytelling, witty wordplay, being challenged to think in new ways, being inspired, surprise endings, cliffhangers, and all the other innumerable pleasures that books provide.

Guess what. I do too. :)

So I decided to make a blog all about books. A digital reading journal, basically. A place to write book reviews, keep track of new releases, and hopefully chat with other readers about books. It'll give me some practice with my writing and I'll get to READ. A lot. :)  I'm looking forward to keeping this blog and I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

Come join me in the Book Nook any time you like!

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