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Review: My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling

My Ex From Hell
by Tellulah Darling

Available as: paperback, Kindle edition, ebook
Pages: 272
Publisher: Te Da Media
Publication date: April 1, 2013
Suggested tags: young adult, paranormal, mythology

First in The Blooming Goddess Trilogy. From Goodreads:
"Sixteen-year-old Sophie Bloom wishes she’d been taught the following:

a) Bad boy’s presence (TrOuBlE) + teen girl’s brain (DraMa) = TrAuMa (Highly unstable and very volatile.)
b) The Genus Greekulum Godissimus is notable for three traits: 1) awesome abilities, 2) grudges, and 3) hook-ups, break-ups, and in-fighting that puts cable to shame.

Prior to the Halloween dance, Sophie figures her worst problems involve adolescent theatrics, bitchy yoga girls, and being on probation at her boarding school for mouthy behaviour. Then she meets bad boy Kai and gets the kiss that rocks her world.


This breath stealing lip lock reawakens Sophie’s true identity: Persephone, Goddess of Spring. She’s key to saving humanity in the war between the Underworld and Olympus, target numero uno of Hades and Zeus, and totally screwed.

Plus there’s also the little issue that Sophie’s last memory as Persephone was just before someone tried to murder her.

Big picture: master her powers, get her memories back, defeat Persephone’s would be assassin, and save the world. Also, sneak into the Underworld to retrieve stolen property, battle the minions of Hades and Zeus, outwit psycho nymphs, slay a dragon, rescue a classmate, keep from getting her butt expelled from the one place designed to keep her safe …

… and stop kissing Kai, Prince of the Underworld.

My Ex From Hell is a romantic comedy/Greek mythology smackdown. Romeo and Juliet had it easy.

{ I received this as an ebook ARC from NetGalley. }

I got hooked on Tellulah Darling's style when I read Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls (you can read my review here), so I was really looking forward to My Ex from Hell - and it did not disappoint! Her snarky humor and witty banter make this one just as fun and addictive as Sam Cruz.

I can't really add anything to that awesome synopsis up there. If you read that and you think the story sounds interesting and you like the style that it's written in, then you must pick up My Ex from Hell, like, immediately, because you will love it. It's got a hilarious narrator (Sophie), snappy one-liners, and quirky side characters (the "psycho nymph" mentioned in the synopsis was one of my favorites). Also, it has some interesting and elaborate settings (the trip to the Underworld was fun, and I thought the labyrinth scene was really well done - I was glued to my Kindle reading that part) and a pretty epic battle scene towards the end.

I loved Sophie's BFFs, Hannah and Theo. They really brought a lot to the story and had distinct and endearing personalities. Kai... I'm kind of torn. I like the idea of him and Sophie together, and I liked their on-again, off-again type relationship as it formed throughout the book... but Kai's actions at the end of the book left me shocked. (SPOILER - highlight to read: There's got to be some kind of *something* behind Kai's betrayal, right? He had to have a good reason for leaving Sophie to die, right? I'm hoping so. And I'm hoping he redeems himself in the next book. Because right now I'm kind of hating him.)

My Ex from Hell pretty much solidified my Tellulah Darling fan status. I can't wait to read the next book in the Blooming Goddess Trilogy, My Date from Hell, which is due out October 31, 2013!

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. I love mythologies - especially Greek! I've never even heard of this book before, thank god I was browsing your blog. Added on my TBR list (right after I finish my requested book reviews). I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for the very interesting review. :)