Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apologies again!

So once again, unfortunately, I must apologize for being absent from this blog! I've been surprised to find that married life is much busier than single life - I had expected to have all this time to myself and my husband to just do whatever we wanted, but we're finding that demands on our time are now split between our full-time jobs and our families which both miss having us living at home. We've been running around like crazy since the wedding planning started, and it really hasn't let up at all since after the big day, so we've found ourselves exhausted and picking up apparently every germ that comes our way. So in any spare time that I've had, I've been either sleeping or not feeling like doing much of anything at all. Anyway, I really apologize again for not blogging regularly like I should - I promise that I'm trying to make more time to work on it!


  1. Hold up--
    You are apologizing because you have been sick? Sheesh girl, you need to get your priorities straight. :-) Feel better soon!


    1. haha yes I am! I'm trying to be disciplined in my blogging but life keeps interrupting. Oh, if only I could be a professional book reader... ;)