Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Heart YA Carnival #2: Who's Your Freak?

Suze Reese
The I Heart YA Carnival is hosted by Suze Reese, author of the ExtraNormal series. Each Tuesday, a blog prompt will be posted about a topic related to the YA genre. Click the button to learn how to join in!

This week's prompt is: "Who's your freak? Do you have a favorite paranormal character? Is there a new one that has captured your interest? Do you predict one type breaking out from the pack?"

I looooove me some paranormal YA. In fact, I think more than half the YA books on my "to read" shelf are paranormal. I have always been fascinated with magical things - things that couldn't be or shouldn't be, but a small part of me likes to believe that maybe somewhere, somehow, they do exist...

I don't know if I could pick a favorite type of "freak," because I love so many different types. Ghosts, witches, and time travelers typically top my list. But, if I had to highlight one type, lately I have been really into mermaid/siren stories. I'm especially looking forward to reading these:

I'm not so into vampires or werewolves, mostly because for a while there, I felt like that was all that was on the YA shelves. I guess I'm just a little vampire/werewolf-ed out. Hopefully that will pass. I'm also not so big on zombies or angels, although I feel like both of these are gaining popularity quickly. That's not to say that I won't keep reading about them in hopes I'll find a zombie or angel book that I love... perhaps one of these?

I'd like to see more unusual paranormal types - something new and fresh out of an author's imagination, or something that doesn't really fit under a label. I like mysterious "undead" types, where they're not zombies or ghosts, but they aren't alive either. I like "psychic" types, where they can do fantastic things with their minds or senses. I'd like to read more books about banshees and aliens (guess what's on my reading list, Suze!). And I've always been really into mythology (of any kind and any culture), so I'd love for authors to draw on that and see what they can create!


  1. That's a fantastic list! (And I'm flattered to be on it.) Thanks for joining the carnival!

  2. I totally agree with you! I'm more into witches and ghosts than I am werewolves and vampires. For witches, Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series, and for ghosts, A Certain Slant of Light. Though, I'm on the lookout for more of those now. (honestly, all that's missing is a Doctor Who in YA format and I would be all over it.)

    Merpeople rock hard. I love fae, no matter if they have fins or wings. So, guess what's in the second book in my series! (yea, I have Boogeymen AND faeries, yay!) I'll have to check out some of those mer books you shared. I haven't read any yet.

    1. I had heard of A Certain Slant of Light, but not Tiffany Aching - it's on my to read list now!

      Boogeyman AND faeries?? I'M IN. :D