Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blog Awards!

I am so flattered to have received some blog awards for my Book Nook, which is still a serious work in progress in my eyes! I received both the Kreativ Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award from Suze Reese.

The Kreativ Blogger Award rules are:

1. link back to the one who gave you this award
2. share 10 random facts about yourself
3. pass the award on to 6 other people

The One Lovely Blog Award rules are:

1. link back to the one who gave you this award
2. pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers

I liked Suze's approach of sharing 10 facts and then passing both awards on to 15 bloggers, so I'm going to follow suit. :)

1. I used to keep snails as pets.
2. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
3. I did the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World and worked at Kilimanjaro Safaris. (Jambo, everyone!)
4. I am an eclectic crafter: I enjoy painting, scrapbooking, paper crafting, cross stitching, felt-ing? (I guess you could call it, making things out of felt... especially food!), photoshopping, sewing (pajamas and aprons are my specialities), and the list goes on and on and on...
5. I don't like cinnamon.
6. As cheesy as it sounds, I love learning. I would be a full-time college student for life if that was a legitimate career path.
7. Dream job: author of young adult novels.
8. Actual current job: bookstore employee (can't complain about doing that job until I get my dream job! :D ).
9. Favorite places I've been to: England, Greece, & Italy
10. Places I'm dying to visit: Canada, Ireland, & Japan

And I gladly pass the awards on to my wonderful followers! LOVE your blogs!!
(If you have a blog and I didn't link to it, please leave a link in the comments and I'll add it asap!)

1. Kaja @ A Splatter of Ink
2. Bridget Bowers
3. Sarah B @ Sarah Belliston
4. Theta Sigma
5. Tara Elizabeth @ YA Magic Pages
6. the team @ Book Whales
7. Flora
8. Cortney Pearson @ Cortney Pearson
9. Oh! Paper Pages
10. Jenny @ Bookworm Mia
11. Carole @ the life of fiction
12. Michelle @ The True Book Addict

Plus these bloggers, whose lovely blogs I follow as well:

13. HeroineAddict @ Books Are My Heroines
14. Emily @ Confessions Of A Bookaholic
15. Eve Quinn @ Eve Quinn's Notebook


  1. Ooo thanks! :)
    What do I do now? I'm new to this kinda thing

    1. Haha me too! You can accept one or both awards and follow the directions above to pass them on... or just kind of group them together and do a mass pass-on. :)

    2. Ooo I will do that thanks!

  2. Congrats on your awards, and it was fun to read your top ten! Pickles and peanut butter? Idk, might be willing to try it. I'm with you on the learning thing--I LOVED school. About your dream job--do you write at all? There's nothing saying you can't work at the bookstore AND write YA!!! And thanks for passing on the award! :D

    As for that blogging campaign, I'm not sure if you have to be a writer or not. I'd comment and ask Rach! :) I'm fairly certain there were a few book review blogs on the last one...

    1. Bread & butter pickles on peanut butter is delicious - dill pickles on peanut butter is disgusting. Just a heads-up for you if you try it! :)

      I do write! I guess I should have put "published YA author" instead. I've been writing for a long time, but I have a problem with over-editing myself - I'll keep working and working and working on something and never think it's good enough to be considered finished.

      I will ask Rach - thanks! And you're very welcome for the award! :)

  3. Thank you for the awards. I replied to your comment over at my blog, if you'd like to check it out.

    I loved your top ten. I too would be a professional student, if I could. In fact, up until 2010, I had been in college on and off since I was 18 years old. I'm still planning on going back, as soon as I can figure out my financial aid. =O)

    1. I did check it out - thanks! :)

      I'm thinking about going back for my masters, but I'm still working on the financial aid part too. Why must they make it so hard for us? ;)

  4. Thanks PidginPea! It might take a while before I get to forward the awards but I'll sure try! <3 oh and after college I went to law school, 10 years after high school and it still felt like it ended too soon, good luck with your masters! :)

    1. No worries, I just wanted to share some blog love. :)

      Thanks! I'm not sure if it will work out, but I'm trying to make it happen!

  5. Thanks so much! Love blog award because they make me feel fuzzy and happy and tearful.

    1. Aww you're very welcome! They gave me warm fuzzies too! :)