Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freebie Alert: Let's Face It

The Kindle edition of Jodi R. Moore's Let's Face It is currently available for free on Amazon!

Let's Face It
by Jodi R. Moore

Available as: paperback, Kindle edition
Pages: 228 (Kindle edition)
Publisher: Summer Job Books
Publication date: March 16, 2012
Suggested tags: young adult, realistic fiction

From Amazon:
"We’ve all seen the commercials – a pretty pop star promises your skin will be clear if you just . . . For fifteen-year-old Kaylin Bidwell, it doesn’t matter what they say. She knows the truth. Those products won't clear up her acne. She even proved it for a science fair project, hoping to win a spot at science camp with the guy she’s had a crush on for 20% of her life. But the only kind of spot she may end up with this summer are the ones on her face. Kaylin is determined to find a solution, even if it means interning for a company that makes acne products that never work. Could Kaylin help make something better? What she really wants is something better than better – a cure.

Ages 12 and up.

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