Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Change in Plans: Middle Grade & Young Adult

After much consideration, I have decided to limit my blog to Middle Grade & Young Adult books from now on.

I really do like books of all different genres. But I love Middle Grade & YA. When I read an adult book, I usually enjoy it, but I'm also usually looking forward to that YA book that's next on my to-read list, or counting the books left to go until I get to that Middle Grade read. I love adult historical fiction, but I love YA historical fiction even more. And I love adult mysteries, but I love Middle Grade mysteries even more. And finally I thought... shouldn't I read and review what I really want to read and review?

So I'm going to change things up a little. The news and reviews posted here on the Book Nook are going to be limited to Middle Grade & YA. I will absolutely still be honoring my commitments to review the adult books I've won from Goodreads First Reads, but the reviews won't appear here on my blog. (The same goes for the adult books that I've already requested from NetGalley, although those reviews will appear on my blog, since they agreed to let me read them essentially because I have a blog.)

I'm really excited that my blog and reviews will now be focused on the books that I most love to read. I hope you enjoy the new and improved Book Nook as well! :)

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